Posted on: August 21, 2008 2:14 pm

life goes on...again!

Seems like not long ago the talk among Cincinnati Reds fans were about the possibilities that 2008 could hold.  In recent years, the pitching staff has been the big achilles heel to the Reds.  We had hitting, and tons of it.  Dunn, Kearns, Casey, Griffey, Lopez...scoring wasn't the problem for the Reds; staying healthy and, oh yes, pitching were the mainstay of problems.  A transition came about, though...

In 2006, with the Reds leading the NL central for much of the first half of the season, then slipped to second, but still leading for the wildcard, GM Wayne Krivsky made his move.  The ever-debated trade that sent Austin Kearns, Felipe Lopez, and Ryan Wagner to Washington for Royce Clayton, Gary Majewski, Bill Bray, Brandon Harris, and Daryl Thompson.  Not a very popular deal at the time.  Still not real popular to some now, but it's at least more accepted; Daryl Thompson could still pan out, Bill Bray is still young, and it's not like Kearns, Lopez, or Wagner are helping the Nats get out of the cellar of the NL East anytime soon.  There was also the emergence of Aaron Harang being one of the top pitchers in the NL.  Bronson Arroyo was the Reds lone All-Star.  The starting rotation started coming around, but the bullpen was a run-giving machine. With a miserable west coast trip, the 2006 playoff hopes sunk fast.

2007 came around and gave the Reds little to be hopeful about.  This time, the Reds started off slow and just dragged their feet all the way to October.  The bullpen woes continued, however somewhat improved.  David Weathers held down the closer role as well as anyone could expect an aging career middle reliever could, and Jared Burton emerged as a clear cut set-up man.  Harang was once again steady, Arroyo was inconsistent but at times still showed signs of brilliance.  Bobby Livingston had an impressive stint before coming down with a torn labrum.  Homer Bailey made his major league debut in 2007.  He showed he has impressive stuff, but needs polishing before he will be consistently effective at the major league level.  Wait a I talking about the Reds pitching?  What about the hitting?  Dunn had another 40HR/100RBI, Brandon Phillips joined the 30/30 club, Hatteberg, Norris Hopper, and Jeff Keppinger  all hit over .300.  Of course, Hopper and Keppinger didn't join the club till mid-season from AAA.  Joey Votto hit .321 after coming up in September.  Griffey hit 30HR's and played 144 games.  And Edwin Encarnacion hit a nice .289 and showed a slow improvement with his glove.  So, "wait till next year"... again.  This time, we meant it!

With a new manager hire on the horizon, we Reds fans had a lot of hope for 2008.  Shame on us.  We signed Francisco Cordero to nail down the closer role.  That was a good thing.  We signed Dusty Baker as our manager.   This signing was kinda like taking your second choice to the prom; hoping for one thing, and then you're not really sure what to think once the real deal went down.     But, that was just the beginning....I'll just fast forward to present day: we all know the debacles and don't need to be reminded what an incredible disappointment the 2008 season has been, what with Patterson and Bako playing, Bruce getting shafted off the opening day roster, Harang getting hurt, and the list continues. 

With all that said...there' always next year...again.  We've lived the last 13 playoff-less seasons and survived, I guess we can survive another season or two...depending on how long we decide to let Baker ruin this team.

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Posted on: August 14, 2008 1:20 pm

State of the Reds Address

Today (today, today, today), I consider my team, the Cincinnati Reds, the worst team on the face of the earth. 

First, we signed Dusty Baker to manage the team.  It wasn't my first choice...well, let's face it...he never even got my consideration, but I wasn't the Reds GM, and still not.  I was willing to give him a shot even though I was warned by a couple of my friends who had to endure his stay in Chicago a few years back. 

We did sign Francisco Cordero; a big improvement to our bullpen. 

But, come spring training, strange things were afoot.  We signed Corky Patterworthless to a 1-year $3M contract despite having Freel and Hopper already for CF, AND Jay Bruce ready to come up.  Given last year's performance, Hopper seemed like a shoe-in as the starting CF and leadoff hitter if Bruce didn't get called up.  "No way Patterson will make the roster", I thought, "He hasn't done shit his entire career".  We also signed Paul Bako and Jerry Hairston, Jr.- all at Baker's request (I refer to them as "Dusty's Boyz").  Bako?  A third catcher?  No way, right?!  Hairston?  Where does he fit in?  We'll see...

Come opening day, the active 25 man roster included Corky Outterson, Paul Bako, and Todd Coffey.  Coffey?  Really?  I'm sure he's a hell of a nice guy, but he's too nice to opposing hitters.  Bako, Valentin...David Ross (on the DL), who will go when Ross comes off the DL?...turns out it we decided to carry 3 catchers, all of whom can't really hit, throw, or catch real well...but Ross was the better of the three (I'll get back to that one).

So, Corky Pattycake (Baker's man) is slotted in CF and leads off for the first 2 long months of the season, his average drops down to the .190's, and Arroyo's hitting better than he his.  Griffey, hitting .235 - .245 most of the season hits 3rd, so 2 of our first 3 hitters basically, were pretty much welcomed by opposing  pitchers, who often resemble Sandy Koufax or Walter Johnson when facing the Reds.

Also, Wayne Krivsky (Reds GM) was fired and Walt Jocketty stepped in as the Reds new General Manager. 

Adam Dunn slumps at the beginning of the season, but starts smacking the ball around and was well on his way to another 40HR, 100RBI year.  How do we thank him?  We trade him to Arizona for a bag of cotton candy (blueberry even-yuk!), and some knee pads for Corky Pattershit and his late night showers with Dusty Baker. 

Aaron Harang hasn't been the same since that infamous night in San Diego when Busty put him in to pitch 4 innings on 2 days rest.  I guess he can join the list with Mark Prior and Kerry Wood of pitchers that Busty has ruined. 

Corky has managed stay on the team, with Freel, Hopper, and Hairston (by the way was tearing it up - at least one of Dusty's Boyz did something) all hurt. 

So, basically, the front office seems to be giving up on this team, who once was hopeful to contend.  I guess Walt Joke-ity took Busty's advice.  After all, it was Busty who said, "this ain't my team, Krivsky put this team together.  I just hope we can bring in some players to help this team win."  Yeah, you're right, Krivsky put this team together...INCLUDING HIRING YOU, YOU FUCKIN' DUMBASS!!!!!


 We keep douchebags like Patterson, Majewski, Bako, we get rid of Dunn and just recently, David Ross, the only catcher on the team who could throw anybody out.  What's next?!  We sign another one of Busty's favorites, Neifi Perez, to a lifetime $10M a year contract??!!  We might as well, we won't win with that incompetent baffoon managing. 

And as for the Griffey trade, it was kinda overdue, but we got NOTHING for it...just like for Dunn.  And we're still paying Stanton.  Ain't that a bitch?

So, in closing, my opinion is that the Reds season was over long ago and the future looks bleak at best.  And what we need is for someone to come in and NOT continue what looks like the beginning of a fire sale.  We need someone to clean out THE FRONT OFFICE!!! 

I have just the person for suggestion....

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Posted on: June 14, 2008 10:38 pm

it's so frustrating being a Reds fan now.

We have got to be the laughing stock of MLB. We have as much young talent in our organization as anyone, but yet we can't and won't win. We are currently in the midst of watching the most nauseating case of "coach's pet" I've ever seen. Corey Patterdooshbag is the worst player I've ever seen in a Reds uniform, but Busty seems to think he's our answer for a leadoff hitter. Why don't we just throw Bronson Arroyo in CF, he has a better on-base percentage!!! Patterdooshbag is hitting .195, Jay Bruce hitting .391. And Patterdoosh started in CF last night. To make matters even more ridiculous, the Cards bring in Flores, a lefty specialist, and with Bruce, Valentin, Cabrera, and the entire pitching staff on the bench, he leaves the Doosh in!!! Last night, June 11, Patterdoosh went 0 for 4, seeing a grand total of 6 pitches. And this is our leadoff hitter?!?!?!? According to Baker, "a leadoff hitter is the hardest spot to find". Really??!! It's hard to find someone who can hit over .195 and a better OBP than Arroyo??? These are the kinds of idiotic brains that are running this team. Hopper and Keppinger are close to coming back. I would put money down that says that Busty finds a way to keep Patterloser on the roster as he always does. A team is only as good as its weakest link. Quite obviously, our manager and "superstar" CF are our weakest links and the worst at both of their positions in the majors. This season is just sickening. Our coaching staff doesn't seem to have any inclination to change the free swinging approach our hitters have this year, striking out, grounding into double plays, and just generally being horrible situational hitters. This season is just a terrible waste. We have no chance with this Busty-Pattycake love affair going on in front of our very eyes. Getting these two on the team together was Krivsky's worst move by far. Nothing good has or will come out of this. These two make the Kearns/Lopez deal look like a work of genius. This is crippling. At least in the Kearns/Lopez deal we got Bray and Daryl Thompson who may still pan out yet. But, even if they do pan out, we're still screwed!!!! I didn't think any team would be more painful to watch than that of the 1982 Reds. This is more than painful. This is gutwrenching. Every time I see that egomaniac, idiot-ass, incompetant, "it's just a game" saying Pattermoron, I just want to cry. And this is Busty's all-time favorite player. I hate them both.
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